North East Tax Consultants

Emma Glover Tax   Kelly Ridley Tax

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Chartered Tax Advisers

Peppercorn Tax Limited - Tax Advisers based in the North East of England

Emma Glover Tax

North East Tax Consultants

Kelly Ridley Tax

Dissington Hall
Dalton, Ponteland
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE18 0AD

01661 525094

(Registered Office)

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The Old Brewery

Castle Eden

County Durham

TS27 4SU

01642 687039

Chartered Tax Advisers    

Peppercorn Tax Limited  Tax Advisers based in North East England

We prepare Tax Returns from the simplest to the most complex

We provide top

quality tax advice

We want to build and maintain long term

relationships with our clients.

We pride ourselves in our “problem solving” approach and our interest in considering the long term as well as the immediate issues.

We enjoy working with our clients and presenting our solutions in an informative manner which is easy to understand.

We want you to understand our advice even though tax can be complex.

We love what we do & are happy to go beyond the call of duty to help you and support you. At Peppercorn Tax our clients come first.

Advice to Professionals

We advise other professionals, including accountants, on specialist

or complex tax matters.

Advice to Businesses

We act for companies and business owners who often require complex

tax advice.

Advice to Individuals and Trusts

We provide tax advice to individuals, covering both personal and Trust

taxation issues.

Peppercorn Tax Limited

HMRC are tightening their grip

Protection is available with our

Tax Investigation Service

HMRC can launch an investigation into any business, or individual, and targets are often chosen at random. An investigation can be time consuming and expensive. Our protection service offers you peace of mind. We are here to help you manage any tax enquiries you might receive.